Sugar and spice, people and mice

 photo Lcat_zps1d7c7ce7.jpg I am Snow-White to bring light. Enfant terrible. Good girl with a bad temper - and twisted imagination. I'm not real. I'm just a wind, a wind in someone's head. Lost traveler of the dream worlds. ENFp.
I believe in fairy-tales , magic, reincarnation, Kurt Cobain's spirit, a lot of other unbelievable things.
Mostly interested in art and ways of self-destruction. I love retro, old movies, music on vinyl disks, coffee, books, handmade, nature, autumn, boho style, bright colors, things with wings and all that related to water.. Also - cartoons, raccoons and video games. This blog contains certain amount of vintage, Alice in Wonderland, tv series F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Severus Snape, snails, small furry animals, movie screenshots and quotes.
Sometimes I'm drawing. Sometimes I'm not.

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Fred Fields-Green Lady Nenioc. Fragment

Fred Fields-Green Lady Nenioc. Fragment

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